You can find information on our programs for students on the Student Page of Google’s job site.

You can visit our student site at

The available datasets can be found on our Research Datasets webpage. If additional data is made available for research purposes in the future, it will also be on that site. For additional updates, please see the Google Research Blog at

For information on philanthropic initiatives at Google, visit the site.

If a professor needs phones, tablets, or Chromebooks for research purposes, he or she can submit an application to our Faculty Research Awards program requesting the budget needed to purchase the devices. Google does not currently have a program to provide Android phones or other hardware to be used for teaching or classroom purposes.

Please look through the entire FAQ above before writing in; we will not be able to respond to questions whose answers are contained in this document. For questions related to university research, please email For questions about students, recruiting, on-campus events, or other non-research topics regarding universities in North America, please email If you have questions specific to your region, you may send questions to for universities in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East, or to for universities in China. Please note that due to the high volume of emails we receive, we may not be able to respond to questions or requests that don't fall into one of the categories listed above.