The Earth Engine Research Awards Program supports academic research in remote sensing and related fields. Through the program, we fund world-class research at top universities, facilitate interaction between Google and academia, and support projects whose output will be made openly available to the research community. Awards are structured as unrestricted gifts to universities and are designed to support roughly the cost of one graduate student for one year of work.

Earth Engine Research Awards are modeled after the Google Faculty Research Awards, but focus specifically on research involving remote sensing and Earth observation data.

If you have a proposal that you think would be a good fit for both the Earth Engine research awards and the Google Faculty Research awards, we recommend you apply for the Earth Engine research award. If your proposal is a better fit for a FRA, we will forward it along.

Google’s Earth Engine Research Awards program funds work in geospatial data analysis. Our awards tend to fund projects that are highly technical in nature. The work funded through Earth Engine Research Awards tends to be of the type and caliber that the results may be published at top conferences and in top publications.